Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beauty Refining Imagination

Here you shall find a short audio clip as a pre-glimpse of an upcoming CD, in Tina Sani's voice bringing back to a second life the words of Faiz. I tried but couldn't find some means to download/ directly post the clip. And believe you me, the beauty is too irresistible to be let pass otherwise. 
It is being transcended into another dimension of time where it exhales grace, where the space is of total charm.

I have lost count of the times I have replayed the track over and over again!

Kuch pehlay in aankhon agay, kia kia na nazara guzray tha!
Kia roshan ho jati thi gali, jab yaar hamara guzray tha
Thay kitnay achay loag kay jinko apnay ghum say fursat thi
Sab poochtay thay ehwaal jo koi dard ka maara guzray tha

I can not stress it further than: it is MESMERIZING.


Sheetal said...

Leenah, Tina Sani was in my city a couple of months and I heard her sing this!

leenah. said...

Wowww! That must would have been a listening! I sure envy you, Sheetal ;)

Hope life is coming along great. Hows the weather on your side of the border?