Monday, March 7, 2011

More Than The Umbilical Cord

"Between the human being and God are just two veils—health and wealth—all other veils come from these. "

Have you ever experienced that when the heart has come out of its anguish, the prayer seizes to be the direct hot line?

While in distress the heart tosses and turns like an inconsolable baby. Even without realizing it reaches out and yearns for the One who loves. And it takes hold of Him. So near. So close.

Until the crying baby stops wailing and returns to indulge into its twinkling mobiles once again. 


Its not without reason that He declares that there comes nothing in between a tormented heart's sigh and His throne!

At the risk of being thankless for the now ........ 

There is nothing, NOTHING, in this world like a tear drenched prayer.


meer said...

I have no idea why I am sharing this, totally out of the context..

leenah. said...

Most welcome :)