Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anbwa Ki Daaliyon Pe...

Just recalled this awesome thumri by Iqbal Bano.

Its my favourite barsaat melody ... :) And Iqbal Bano is at her youthful best. 


sabri.maqbool said...

What an absolutely beautiful ghazal. Any man with a soul, who had a woman at home singing that song, would drop whatever he was doing and run home! In the warm rain, of course.

Here is a very quick (and woefully inadequate) translation. If you have a moment, please fix it wherever you can.

ambua ke darion pe jhulle naa jhula ja
(on mango branches, don't swing a swing)
ab ke sawan tho sajan ghar aaja
(at least this monsoon, my dear, come home)

bichard gaya ho jiska saathi
(the person separated from their fellow-traveler)
voh ek deepak hai bin baathein
(is a small lamp without words)

[ed: My translation did absolutely no justice to that amazing line. Oh, that i were a better poet...)

gham ka andhera mere maan se mita ja
(erase the darkness of sadness from my soul)
ab ke sawan ko sajan ghar aaja
(this monsoon, my dear, come home)

yaad jo aaye din bachpan ke
(remembering days of youth)
roye naina mujh birhun ke
(my eyes cry tears of separation)

tars gayye hu mohe, daras dikha jha
(i'm in need, just give me a glimpse)
ab ke sawan tho sajan ghar aaja
(at least this monsoon, my dear, come home)

tuj bin mera maan bekkal hai
(without you my soul is not at rest)
sau sau baras ka ek ek pal hai
(every moment apart is like a hundred years)

[ed - Wow! My translation simply cannot capture the magic of that line; think: Pablo Neruda.)

din yeh guzaroon kese, itana bata ja
(at least tell my how to bear these days)
ab ke sawan tho sajan ghar aaja
(at least this monsoon, my dear, come home)

Why do I immediately envision S.R.K. hearing this ghazal, and running home to Preity Zinta?

leenah. said...

Wow! :) Now that sure does sound inspiring!
There are a few places, however, where I would beg to differ ...

Lets see if your inspiring translation and vivid imagination (SRK & Preity Zinta :)) gets the better of the current lethargy Im going through these days ...
I'll be returning with my suggestions soon, IA :)

Many thanks for this enriching feedback Maqbool sahab :)

sabri.maqbool said...

There is something brutally honest about these women singing. Iqbal Bano's "Ranjish hi Sahi" reminds me of that amazing piece of writing about pudina:

By the brook-side the mint grows. As the little wavelets pass, they glide up to kiss the feet of the growing mint, the mint bends to salute them. Gracious and kind it is, living only for the sake of others. The crushing of it only makes its sweetness more apparent. Like a woman’s heart, it gives its sweetest aroma when bruised. Among the first to greet the spring, it comes. Beside the gurgling brooks that make music in the pastures it lives and thrives.

Anyway, I came across this great post on "Vay mein chori chori"

and I thought you'd probably enjoy it. Also this.

Phair vee mein jhallee ho keh raah teri takkan...

Much peace and love in the new year.