Sunday, March 23, 2008

yeah.... its purposeless!

It has been quite a while now that i sit everyday for sometime reflecting upon what i REALLY want to do with this thing they call life! Hell! havent been able to figure it out till yet!
I do know for sure i look for some purpose, PURPOSE to make it fulfilling, promising! But what to do with the ashed passion that should have been there to fuel a purpose!
Here! the situation is, every fortnight i find a new purpose of my life, keep on reflecting over it for the next couple of days and then, hey ... there it goes.... simply with the slightest gush of the wind. In the next few days i dont even remember what was it that i was supposed to live for! :|

Believe you me, realizing the depth of the complete abyss in which lays the entire reasoning of your existence is no good. No good at all!