Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raat phir yun.....

And yet again, the night seemed like a story out of the Arabian Nights. One that descended onto the sky just to stay there forever; like a lover's sigh, like a gypsy's curse.
He thought and tried to concentrate on how life would be the next morning, under the new sun. But the blackness of the bleak night invaded his vision every time his thought caressed and wanted to kiss the radiant face of a sunny morning .......

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Width of Belief...

Image by Michal Osmenda via Flickr

The length of yearning
Is two oceans and a continent wide.
I measure its dewy breadth
In hothouse nights,
Stained with salt and tears.
The height of loneliness
Is a round trip to heaven and back
Leaving me breathless
And hollow, sounding only of echo -
Answering myself.
The duration of pain is the time it takes
No more and no less,
Each grief tattoo fading at its own pace
From purple to yellow to pink
From hurt to health, eventually.
The size of love is infinite,
Of course, because of its miracle.
The more you give away
The more you have.
In my greed I offer you all I have.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Carve me out into mould of yours O love!

Wrong lane. Again!

At the end of the day, what is it that everything amounts to?

I am learning to recognize the shape of  Z E R O all too well. Also, quite to my disappointment I am also beginning to understand that all zeros always sum up to give another zero. I had thought this realization would take a while in approaching, but no, it seems that I am learning fast. Excuse me, can we unlearn something? Darn! again in the wrong lane!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fear: a Destructive Illusion

The illusion of fear ever springs up within
The minds of men it is so important in those moments
To realize its formlessness through the brightness of our hearts

No dark shadows can reside for fear is an illusion planted as a test
By the ego in our hearts and souls to keep us in the dark
Controlling us by default ever does it lead us through

Its wild and wilful ways on waves of self destruction
Taking all within its path corrading as it courses
Testing our true grit until the moment when the soul cries out enough

In its anguish and its pain and surrenders all to Divine Love
Deep within our soul aligning us to essence our being transformed
From this source we emanate a glow as spirit illuminates us with its brilliance

Shining as the stars brightening all before us as it arises to the heavens
A marker to all others to walk the celestial highways
And brings all succour to life through its divine transformative powers

We grow in a deeply expansive way empathising with all others
As we sense their oneness within honouring all life in this process
Our lives irrevocably changed we live as bright links in the chain

Beaming through the firmament playing a full and indispensable part
For we were ever forged through pain and suffering
Bloodied yet unbowed and through these rites of passage

On this carousel of life we are lifted in the ups and downs
By Gods eternal hand in the company of angels and the hallelujah band

Alasdair Urquhart

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Godless idolater ...

Not everyone of us is lucky to choose one's status in life! While some are born with the mindset of a god, there are others born stamped as worshipers. All their lives, they spend looking out for their deity; a lord of their world, their little universe. Someone whom they could love with all their passion like a worshiping monk in the Himalayas; someone whom they could place on an alter and present with a sacrifice of their own self, a self lost in that Self. 
But the search of each devotee is not promised to bear fruit. Upon not succeeding in finding their god, they begin to carve out one for themselves. For some, the idol takes the form of an endearing human; for others, the thought of a life lost in loving the wrong person.