Monday, January 27, 2014

Of Scars And Warriors

We all, people of flesh, have scars. Some wear scars on their sleeve, some lock them up in the dark recesses of the heart.

A scar turns into an ugly wound when we are ashamed of having one. 
Warriors are never embarrassed of having scars. 
A warrior's wounds are a reminder of the battles they fought, of the valour they showed ... Scars are their medals! 

Embrace your brokenness and dance! For nothing is more beautiful than a broken heart that whirls holding its pieces together.

Dast afshaan chalo, mast-o-raqsaaN chalo
Khaak bar-sar chalo, khoon bada-maaN chalo!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

God and Many Gods of Pakistan

In his book "The Wanderer" Kahlil Gibran writes of a city named Kilafis:

In the city of Kilafis a sophist stood on the steps of the Temple and preached many gods. And the people said in their hearts, "We know all this. Do they not live with us and follow us wherever we go?"
Not long after, another man stood in the market place and spoke unto the people and said, "There is no god." And many who heard him were glad of his tidings, for they were afraid of gods.
And upon another day there came a man of great eloquence, an he said, "There is but one God." And now the people were dismayed for in their hearts they feared the judgment of one God more than that of many gods.
That same season there came yet another man, and he said to the people, "There are three gods, and they dwell upon the wind as one, and they have a vast and gracious mother who is also their mate and their sister."
Then everyone was comforted, for they said in their secret, "three gods in one must needs disagree over our failings, and besides, their gracious mother will surely be an advocate for us poor weaklings."
Yet even to this day there are those in the city of Kilafis who wrangle and argue with each other about many gods and no god, and one god and three gods in one, and a gracious mother of gods.

In our Kilafis, that we know by the name of Pakistan, we wrangle and argue with each other about the good Taliban and the bad Taliban, and Army's shaheeds and Taliban's shaheeds and the real shaheeds.
While the wrath of them all befalls us equally.