Sunday, November 15, 2015


Out of all the myriad of feelings and emotions, disillusionment holds a special blue significance. 
When we bring into frame the factors triggering the emotion, the blue takes many different hues: from the teal of the algae slowly eating away the heart, to the azure of a cold give up. In some cases, however, the feeling comes as such a wholesome package of being let down and disappointment, one can do nothing but embrace the entire spectrum of blues. 
Don't get me wrong. We're not talking about an ordinary, every day dismay here. We're talking about the disappointment delivered by a broken trust which we so rarely bestow upon people; faith, which we hold so dear, we spend years holding close to our chest - never letting many claim it. We overestimate the size of person and the fall hurts. 
As soon as the snap subsides, our consciousness begins echoing with a certain knock of incredulity every so often which makes us keep questioning our entire foundation of reasoning for having to face this strong a blow. With every knock comes this swallow of bitterness, which we push down our throats while the bitterness stays, stinging our tongues. It drips down from our words, it drapes around our gaze. 
We stare back at our own reflection with surprise. This is another disappointment.
The blue deepens.