Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Musheer by Habib Jalib ..... This I said unto him

In times like these, I fail to find too many things that are as pertinent as this timeless piece of poetry by Jalib. Written in '60's, this is as relevant in our troubled land in 2009, as was back then.
The poem, "Musheer" (Advisor) is a collection of advices that are so characteristic of those held in consulation by the tycoons in power.

The band, Laal has really performed a commendable feat by bringing back to the 'asses, what should have never been left behind.

mein ne us se ye kaha

ye jo das crore hain,
jehl ka nichor hain
inki fikr so gayi
har umeed ki kiran,
zulmaton main kho gai
ye khabar darust hai,
inki maut ho gai
be shaoor log hain
zindagi ka roag hain
aur tere paas hai
inkay dard ki dawa

This I said unto him
These, who form a hundred million
Are an epitome of oblivion
Their thought is no more
Every ray of hope
Has been devoured by murk
True is the news
They have lost the life
Conscious less are they!
A curse to life!
And thou hath
What cures their ills

mein ne us se ye kaha
mein ne us se ye kaha

This I said unto him

tu khuda ka noor hai
aql hai, shaoor hai
qaum tere saath hai
tere hi!, hi!, hi!, wajood se
mulk ki nijaat hai
tu hai mehr-e-subh-e-nau
tere baad raat hai!
bolte jo chand hain
sab ye shar pasand hain!
inki khainch le zabaan
inka ghoont de gala

You are the Godly glow
Of brains and logic
The nation stands with you
Through your grace Alone,
The state can be salvaged.
You bring the dawn of a new day
It is dusk aft thou!
The few who grunt
Are all the hellions
Tear out their tongues
Strangle their throats.

mein ne us se ye kaha
mein ne us se ye kaha

This I said unto him

jin ko tha zaban pe naaz

chup hain wo zaban daraaz
chain hai samaaj main
bemisaal fark hai
kal main aur aaj main
apne kharch par hain log
qaid tere raaj me

Those proud of their eloquence

Hushed are all those boisterous

Order reigns the land

The contrast is unparalleled

Of bygone and current

Taken a hostage at their own expense
Are people in your empire

mein ne us se ye kaha
mein ne us se ye kaha

This I said unto him

cheen apna yar hai
us pe jan nisar hai
par wahan jo hai nizaam
us taraf na jaayio
us ko door se salaam
das crore ye gadhay
jin ka naam hai awaam
kia banain gsy hukmaran
tu!, tu!, tu! yaqeen hai ye gumaan
apni to dua hai ye
sadr tu rahe sada

China is the beloved chum

Precious than the dear life

But the setup that they run

Steer well clear of that

Without further ado, turn away
These hundred million asses
Which are named the masses
Naught deserve they to be a majesty
You alone are real; an image are they
All I plea for is
You remain President till eternity

mein ne us se ye kaha
mein ne us se ye kaha

This I said unto him

PS: The translation is mine, hence obviously lacks the same tanginess of flavour.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

when i set ablaze an ashen sun.

Grey, cold, stony.

Even when theres life that beams, theres a sun that shines, and theres a feather that tickles.

But why depend on a sun that does not shine on thou?

The sun is the one that shines with or without reason; arises with or without reason. And is NOT cold!
Nay, I can't waste a second of my existence contemplating on what could never be mine. Its me and me alone who has to realize the worth of each second of this spell they call 'life', for it belongs to me! And how can I ever possibly let it be ruined if theres a sun that opts to go grey for me?

Be your own sun and life shall never be bleak. For the promise of each new day is as sure to be fulfilled as your own existence.

I choose to be my own Sun. My own Rain and my own Rainbow.
I am the Sky that shelters and I am the Earth that floors.
I am the Waters that flow and I am the Wind that blows.

I am the grain and I am the space.

I am the Seed and I am the Fruit.

I am the smile and I am the tear.

I am the joy and I am the fear.

I am.

For I choose to live my own life, without cursing each second for a sun that chooses to withhold its light from me.

I must.
So I am.

Friday, February 13, 2009

a PVC pipe relationship!

yes! you got it right! its the same PVC pipe. The Polyvinyl Chloride pipe. PVC is a thermoplastic polymer chemically identified as the chloroethanediyl. Well just to give you an idea, though its pretty implausible that you wouldn't have heard of the PVC pipes, these are chemically resistant, hollow, plastic pipes especially used for water distribution and sanitary sewer applications.

Hmmm..... so where does this fit in?

When I think of a relationship, I weigh it against the extent of strength it inculcates in both the partners. Greater the strength, stronger the relationship and vice verse. The strength of going across horizons, the strength of fighting with your personal demons, the strength of facing the challenges of financial problems, the strength of coping with the difficulties of family matters, the strength of going beyond one's means to facilitate someone less advantaged, even the strength of nursing cheerfully an ailing family member, all in all, the strength of facing everyday challenges that come along the package of an ordinary monotonous routine of each day. That is what I believe strengthens a bond, builds and nourishes a relationship; the realization that you have a support system in form of that one individual by your side. And that support system does not paralyze your own personal defense mechanism by making you dependent on it, instead it gives you faith in your own personal capacity to handle difficult situations, it makes you aware of your own depths and urges you to dive yet even deeper to seek out the unknown treasures of your self. It keeps you surefooted in an ever swaying world of continuous change.

This to me is what a relationship should do to you.
But alas, every "should" is actually a possibility that lacks any possibility of being materialized. So this is not what a relationship usually does.

So this is where, my aforementioned PVC pipe fits in.
When the relationship is not what it should be, it becomes a bond that asks one to stay in it, oblige a set of responsibilities; give somethings, and receive some others. Instead of intertwining the two personalities, the whole purpose becomes to re-cast one's self into the mold of the other(whoever is dominant in the bond). Personalities just cease to grow together, instead of building upon each other, the strengths of both the partners just wash away through the sanitary sewer, for the two are just too busy fighting their own personal issues that no one bothers to notice that collective energy could do wonders to them. The expected result is that each partner loses on personal front and the sense of 'personal' loss drives any possibility of mutual capacity growth even farther. The relationship, in itself, becomes a hollow facade of something far deeper, far stronger; a true depiction of what Emily Bronte' once called, "hollow, servile, insincere'.

Because the Relationship, the Bond, does not provide the necessary support infra structure for the people to grow and reach out, beyond horizons. It simply can't afford it. It is a drape around two different people so that they are assumed as one. It is a sphere that, though, holds them together, does not unite them. This sphere is not built to take loads. It is not meant to be subjected to pressures. It is built with just as much contribution from each partner so as to contain them within. That it does. Its hollow (and, weak), since its a drape. Its none porous, because it doesn't absorb anything anything from the two lives it contains. Its simply like a PVC pipe.

And PVC pipe relationships don't last forever.