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This is your page at this blog. Your words, feedback, mean a lot, A LOT. So please make yourself comfortable and honour it with your charming presence :)

You are most welcome :))


Anonymous said...

just visited your blog...what impressed me most is your scholarship of sharing views of wide range of people..though not into artsy fartsy stuff (meaning "poetry" over here) myself yet I never thought you would be into it be a fellow right wing (as defined in Pakistan because you quote from the Quran) the Lal Masjid page...excellent coverage...haven't gone through it fully now but as they say, will bookmark it...feels good to have known you

leenah. said...

Welcome on board Vanguard! :)
Your encouraging words mean a lot and its just great to hear from you over here.
The pleasure has been absolutely mine!

Qurat ul ain said...

Hi and AoA

This is qurat from Rwp.
I've visited your blog for the first time after these renovations and they rock!! May you be blessed with an even keener insight. Aameen. Keep rocking and stay blessed.

PS: Viewing your blog now feels like one has stumbled into some hidden magical forest (like the one in Enid Blyton's faraway tree stories :)) which we've always been looking for. It feels wonderful! :) take care,

leenah. said...

Wasalam sweet heart!

I am totally humbled by your sincere and generous wishes love!

Its GREAT to hear from you. Do keep posted, its people like you whose presence here fuels the quest.

The forest seems inviting, hai na? :)

Anonymous said...

Found your blog via Aadil's. I love the title of your blog :) Will be back to read your poetry!

leenah. said...

Nice to have your presence star :).

You are most welcome. Looking forward to your contributive feedback.

TariqRaheel said...

really nice blog......ماشاءاللہ بہت ہی خوب بلاگ ہے آپکا

Anonymous said...

I see some Waris Shah, but then there isnt any Parveen Shakir there. Why so?

leenah. said...

Thank you Tariq. I hope you found it worth your time.

Manoramah, welcome on board! :)
Though Waris Shah and Parveen Shakir are totally, mutually exclusive :) yet, I believe I would've missed out on Shakir only while tagging. I distinctly remember sharing something of her on the blog. Lemme recheck. :)
And thanks for pointing it out... :)

leenah. said...

A couple of days back, I was fortunate enough to receive some very kind words from Mr. Suroosh Irfani. Mr. Irfani is a teacher to every one on path to learn anything about Rumi.

I find myself immensely lucky, would be an understatement :)

Following are his words:


AS to my comments for your guestbook, although I wrote them,I couldnt get them entered. Here are my comments, and I leave it to you to handle the 'technical' aspects for the guest book!

"A wonderful site to be in, rich and inspiring in diversity of selections, as indeed your own thoughts, poetic imagination and reflections. Suroosh Irfani


sahar haroon said...

Hi :) Been going through your blog a little each day. To say that I am captivated by all that you have put out there, would be an understatement. I find your translations of different works, Sufi poetry etc, to be enchantingly perfect.

Though running high with feelings and emotions, ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other, I find your blog to be such a serene, calming and wonderfully frank place to be.. saying things I have never been able to say.
Every night I just click on any random entry, sit back and thoroughly devour every word, losing myself in their tune. You truly have a gift and I'm grateful that you are sharing it with us.

Happiness Engineer said...

Hi Leenah, I just came across your blog, simply this is wonderful. I must appreciate and congratulate you for your interest, understanding and insight. My words may be small but I mean a lot.
I am in the way of developing a motivational website(Happy Life Circle) , for that I want you to allow your articles to decorate the site. It would be even greater if you would grace the 'circle' being a part of its urdu section or even more. You can visit the site at Please inbox me, I would be waiting for your reply.

Regards, Shuja

loveforlove said...

Hi, brave soul....Whatever ur name is...A thousand thanks for providing the English translation of the Nusrath sung "biba sada dil morr de"

I looked for the translation for almost 10 years now without success.

Now I have achieved my goal thanks to u. A great site-a great person. may Allah keep u happy always.
A million thanks. I listen to this like mad.

Arazak. (

Menaahil Ahmed said...

Dear Leenah,

Your grace of words and elegance of structure is uplifting as well as insightful. You amaze me with the beauty of your soul. I admire your variance of life. You truly are one of a kind and I am honored to be blessed to have come across this soul engaging blog.


Unknown said...

From where did you learn persian. I read some of your translation of sarmad dard e by khusro. Did you do it yourself