Monday, August 26, 2013

بھوک کا راجواڑ

My writing hand hasn't yet recovered from the sprain it suffered from at Eid, but I was dying to write something instead of typing it ... it adds to the feeling triggering the words, maybe like a drug inhaled direct? ;)

Baat maqdoor ki hai.

Par yahan sab bhookay hain, aur muyassar sab maya hai! 


Yani total loss ki game hai sab. 

PS: please excuse for the difficulty you came across in reading it all. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sa'raey Shab

A night full of talking that hurts, 
my worst held-back secrets. 
Everything has to do with loving and not loving. 
This night will pass. 
Then we have work to do.

- Rumi

"The Essential Rumi", translated by Coleman Barks.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's ..

Lets go where colors sing, 

Where dreams dance! 

And where's that, love? 

In your eyes, 
In that glance!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Chalice In The Heart

من و اکسير جام و جانِ جنون
تو و بيداری و چشمان افسون
من و مستی و اين پيمانہ ی دل
تو و تکليف اين دنيا ی کردون


I, the elixir of drunkenness, and the spirit of craze
You, the wakefulness, and the charming form
I, intoxication, and this chalice in heart
You, and the bounds of this gyrating world

 inapt translation: mine

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ajal In Say Mil

Ajal in say mil
Kay ye sada dil 
Na ehl'e salat aur na ehl'e sharaab
Na ehle adab aur na ehl'e hiaab
Na ehl'e kitaab
Na ehl'e kitaab aur na ehl'e machin
Na ehl'e khala aur na ehl'e zameen
Faqat be yaqeen
Ajal, in say mat kar hijab
Ajal in say mil
Barho tum bhi aagay barho
Ajal se milo 
Barho nau tawngar gadao
Na kashkol dryoza gari chupao
Tumhein zindagi say koi rabt baqi nahi
Ajal se hanso aur ajal ko hansao
Barho bandagaan'e zamana, barho bandagaan'e deram
Ajal, ye sab insan manfi hein
Manfi zyada hein insan kam
Ho in par nigaah'e karm!

- Noon Meem Rashid

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ramzan Ramzain

Some random musings during the last few weeks, compiled here ...

Tamed fears make good steeds to fancy's flight.

تعصب سے بڑی بيماری کوئی نہيں، حسد سے بڑی بدنصيبی کوئی نہيں

Smooth sailing is not meant for grandeurous shores.

Keeping dignity is an inside job.

Don't settle for a mediocre relationship with Allah!

In the tradition of lovers, no one recognizes another's seal of kiss. Each wants his own seal...

چلی ہے رسم کہ تعزير ِ قاتلاں کے لئے
شہر ميں مقتول اب کوئی دفنايا نہ جأے گا

If a shell can hold within and transform a salty water droplet to a precious pearl, imagine what can your heart do!

Making friends or picking foes, one must never look below.

علمِ بیاں سے گذر کر ہے علمِ عیاں

طلبِ صبر، نہايت صبر طلب مرحلہ

Genuinity kay musallas kay teen konay hain: Aik Allah. Aik maa. Aik apna aap. The holy trinity!

If you have a song, don't hold it in wait of Spring.

Moments of absolute void come with the most promising possibilities of fulfillment.

Stop those who kill in the name of sect. No God sells Jannah against the blood of innocents.

رقصاں جو شعلے پر يہ پروانے ہيں
ان ميں سے کس سکھ پايا ہے؟

Funerals are the best courses to learn about life.

بدنصيب ہيں وہ عبادت گاہيں جن کی زيبائی کے سبب لوگ انہيں ٹورسٹ سپاٹ بنا ليں
نہ ادھر جلتی سانس سے دہکتی دعا طلب کی جاتی ہے، نہ ہی  پيشانی ميں سجدے مچلتے ہيں.ايسی عبادت گاہوں کے بھاگ انکے صحن کی طرح خالی ہوتے ہيں

1st rule of an argument: 
If you find the need to go personal to prove your point, your argument is null and void. Maybe so is the idea.

اصل مفلس وہ ہے جس کے پاس دينے کے لئيے صرف جھوٹ ہوـ

When you carve your gods, don't forget your divine dust.

One's aura is an offshoot of one's thoughts.

جب حد سے بڑھی طالب کی طلب، طالب خود مطلوب ہوا

No seeker sets out to search, save the one who already has the Treasure.

Isn't it a fact that our quick, instant-mixture, life recipe has robbed us of the pleasure of real food for thought?

جس نظر کو جس نظارے کی طلب ہوتی ہے، اسے وہی نظارہ ملتا ہے ... ديدہ ورکو صنمکدے ميں ديدِ إلہی ہو گئی، نابينا کو کعبہ ميں پتھر ملا!