Friday, July 9, 2010

Ji Chahay to Sheesha Bun Ja: Be The Cup Be The Chalice

Ji Chahe To Sheesha Ban Ja, Ji Chahe Paimana Ban Ja 
Sheesha Paimana Kya Ban Na , Mai Ban Ja, Maikhana Ban Ja 

Be the goblet if you like, Or be the chalice if you want 
Whats there to be a goblet or a chalice, 
Be the wine, Or the fountain of wine

Mai Ban Kar, Maikhana Ban Kar, Masti Ka Afsana Ban Ja 
Masti Ka Afsana Ban Kar, Hasti Se Begana Ban Ja 

Of the wine, Or of the fountain of it, 
Narrate a tale of ecstasy
In living this tale of ecstasy, Be a stranger to the self

Hasti Se Begana Hona, Masti Ka Afsana Ban Na 
Is Hone Se, Is Ban Ne Sa, Accha Hai Deewana Ban Ja  

Forgetting thyself, And keeping of intoxication
Of this losing, Or this keeping, 
Finer is to lose to senses

Deewana Ban Jane Se Bhi, Deewana Hona Accha Hai 
Deewana Hone Se Accha, Khak-e-dar-e-jana Ban Ja 

Than this losing of the senses, Better is going crazy 
And better still of going crazed, 
Be quelled to dust at the beloved's step

Khak-e-dar-e-jana Kya Hai, Ahle-dil Ki Ankh Ka Surma 
Shamma Ke Dil Ki Thandak Ban Ja, Noor-e Dil-e-parwana Ban Ja 

The dirt at the beloved's door, Is but the Kohl for the lovers's eyes
Be a hail at the heart of flame, 
Or a burning torch in a moth's bossom

Seekh Zahin Ki Dil Se Jal Na, Kahe Ko Har Shamma Pe Jal Na? 
Apni Aag Me Khud Jal Jaye, Tu Aisa Parwana Ban Ja 

Seek to sizzle from Zahin's heart, Why hover around a flame?
The one that is kindled by its own torch, 
Thou be such a moth

Seekh Zahin Ki, Seekh Zahin Ki, Seekh Zahin Ke Dil Se Jal Na 
Tu Aisa Parwana Ban Ja…

See of Zahin, Hear of Zahin, Seek to sizzle from Zahin's heart 
Thou be such a lover ....

Lyrics: Hazrat Zaheen Shah Taaji
Singer: Abida Parveen
Music: Muzaffar Ali 
Inapt translation: mine


Rajinder Ahluwalia said...

Thanks! Loved it!

Deepika said...

beautiful !!

Anonymous said...

Its good but a little bit correction needs to be done ie "maikhana" is tavern.And "zahin" mean intelligent..... Oh intelligent its better to burn your heart rather than .....

master123 said...

thanks ....was looking for it

@amna Zahin here is the name of the poet, this is the 'muqta' of the ghazal

leenah. said...

Glad you all enjoyed. Jazaak Allah khair.

yash said...

A huge thanks for the translation and putting such an effort.