Saturday, April 30, 2011

Che Goyam

dil-e diwaana-e khusrau niko neest

dil-e diwaana-e khusrau niko neest

dil-e diwaana-e khusrau niko neest

dil-e diwaana-e khusrau niko neest

dil-e diwaana-e khusrau niko neest   

All is not well with Khusro's crazy heart

and the doc seems to agree.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kabhi Kabhi

Dil kay daman say kabhi kabhi hook yun uth'ti hai jaisay raat bhar bharaktay alaao say subh dum dhuain ki uth'ti madham si chund lakeerain ...

jaisay khwab ki untouchable domain main hawa kay dosh par tairta, aik bay-naam wada ... a promise that can never be realized, yet stays there beaconing you - to stay alive; to keep believing.

Jaisay kisi andhay kunwain ki teh say aati sada, jaisay pataal ki gehraee say uth'ti ik longing. Sans laitee, dharaktee, kisi zinda wajood jaisee haqeeqat. But still undefinable ... still untraceable.

DNA structure kay double helix say lipti, ik na-tamaam khuahish ki amr-bail. Ragon main doartay shorish-zada sayaal main gundhi, ik kasak ....

Hota hai na kabhi kabhi aisay?


There is a saying of the beloved Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم), that has meanings to the effect:

A believer does not get hurt the same way, twice.

Time for some faith check, maybe.

Friday, April 22, 2011

@ Work ...

 Its your eyes, just ask me to stop naught; 
Let the charm keep me there caught 
Im a drunkard, so what? 
Its your gaze that tipples a distraught

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Isn't That Something?

I like
when the music
happens like this:
Something in His eye
grabs a hold of a tambourine in me
...Then I turn, and lift a violin in someone else
and they turn and this turning continues;
It has reached you now
Isn't that something?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Age Ye Rooz

Its intoxicatingly spell binding. Leaves me: اسیر رؤیاها میشم

Unfortunately, my favourite version of it has embedding disabled at the youtube, however, here's the link of the MOST AWESOME track!

For the sake of convenience, Im sharing here another version of the same song with slight variation in the orchestra.

If one day you leave me
out of the blue
and go away on a trip
leaving me alone once again
I'll tell the night to stay with me
I'll tell the wind to sing until dawn
a song from my beloved's land
why are you leaving me alone?

If you forget me
and leave my embrace
I'll become a sea bird
released in the grip of the waves
I'll hush my heart to silence
I'll urge the wind to sing until dawn
a song from my beloved's land
where I won't be left alone
If one day your name
rings in my ear again
If one day your name captures me again
I'll urge my heart not to fret
so I can soothe the pain
but the pain takes over my body
so I can sing for you again

If you desire me once again
as your lover
like in the old days
when we sat until dawn
your heart ought to gain colour
and a tune again
ought to get the colour of a land
where I won't be left alone again

If you want to stay with me
come back while we're still young
and still have skin coverin my bones
Don't leave my heart alone
Let colour into my darkness
and give my night a tune
give me the colour of that land
where I won't be left alone again  

To appreciate the essence: For complete phrase by phrase translation of this charming gem, please visit: 


Monday, April 18, 2011

New Space, New Time.

(Following is a combination of two posts that appeared in April at the Paulo Coelho's blog.Pray tell me if it doesn't make you want to get a pair of ballerinas right away! :) )

The American psychologist Martin Seligman’s foundational experiments and theory of learned helplessness began at University of Pennsylvania in 1967, as an extension of his interest in depression.
A person should be able to walk away from an abusive relationship, for example, or voluntarily quit a stressful job.
A psychological condition known as learned helplessness, however, can cause a person to feel completely powerless to change his or her circumstances for the better.
The result of learned helplessness is often severe depression and extremely low self-esteem.

Learned helplessness can be seen as a mechanism some people employ in order to survive difficult or abusive circumstances.
An abused child or spouse may eventually learn to remain passive and compliant at the hands of his or her abuser, since efforts to fight back or escape appear futile.

Learned helplessness results from being trained to be locked into a system. The system may be a family, a community, a culture, a tradition, a profession or an institution.
Initially, a system develops for a specific purpose. But as a system evolves, it increasingly tends to organize around beliefs, perspectives, activities and taboos that serve the continuation of the system. Awareness of the original purpose fades and the system starts to function automatically. It calcifies.
Some experts suggest learned helplessness can be passed on through observation, as in the case of a daughter watching her abused mother passively obey her husband’s commands.
The daughter may begin to associate passivity and low self-esteem with the “normal” demands of married life, leading to a perpetuation of the learned helplessness cycle.

Child abuse by neglect can be a manifestation of learned helplessness: when parents believe they are incapable of stopping an infant’s crying, they may simply give up trying to do anything for the child.
Another example of learned helplessness in social settings involves loneliness and shyness. Those who are extremely shy, passive, anxious and depressed may learn helplessness to offer stable explanations for unpleasant social experiences.
A third example is aging, with the elderly learning to be helpless and concluding that they have no control over losing their friends and family members, losing their jobs and incomes, getting old, weak and so on.

I have no solution for Learned Helplessness.
But I know one thing:

Everything moves. And everything moves to a rhythm.
And everything that moves produces a sound; that is happening here and all over the world at this very moment.
Our ancestors noticed the same thing when they tried to escape from the cold in their caves: things moved and made noise.

The first human beings perhaps looked on this with awe, and then with devotion: they understood that this was the way that a Superior Being communicated with them.
They began to imitate the noises and movements around them, hoping to communicate with this Being: and dancing and music were born.

When we dance, we are free.
To put it better, our spirit can travel through the universe, while our body follows a rhythm that is not part of the routine.
In this way, we can laugh at our sufferings large or small, and deliver ourselves to a new experience without any fear.
While prayer and meditation take us to the sacred through silence and inner pondering, in dance we celebrate with others a kind of collective trance.

They can write whatever they want about dancing, but it is no use: you have to dance to find out what they are talking about.
Dance to the point of exhaustion, like mountain-climbers scaling some sacred peak.
Dance until, out of breath, our organism can receive oxygen in a way that it is not used to, and this ends up making us lose our identity, our relation with space and time.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

... Magar Hosh Nahin

As I let the sleep fairy engulf me into her soft embrace, lemme share here something that kept me a real charming company tonight ...

Warning: Its gonna cling to you! People not ready for such cling ons, listen at your own risk. :p

And yes, there are two versions ... the other version can be accessed through the link at the bottom of the post.


And I've just discovered that this verse was actually performed in a play by the Prithvi Theater. The theatrical version can be found here:

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

As You Wished?

Isn't this what you had always wanted? Always sought?

Why is it so that whenever we get something we have striven hard to earn ourselves, we suddenly realize that this is the worst curse the heavens have imposed upon us?

At times, your loss fills my heart with distress ... but then this is how you desired it to be much before the Babylon. Even before the Enuma Elish, this is how you identified yourself - a loner.

I wish it wasn't so.

But my wishing can not undo some one's years of labor. Can it?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Placeless. Traceless.

I do not exist, am not an entity in this world or the next, 
did not descend from Adam and Eve or any origin story.


My place is the placeless, a trace of the traceless.  Neither body or soul.

 I belong to the beloved, have seen the two worlds as one

and that one call to and know, first, last, outer, inner,

only that breath breathing human being.


Monday, April 11, 2011

More Summer Wine

Something Different ...

From the hundreds of times I lost
the connection, I learn this:
Your fragrance
brings me back. Inside that I become
a feast day with aloeswood burning,
the pure empty sky around the moon.
Then I make promises.
I break them.

And same as before,
I try
to find You
by thinking
and reading
about finding.

No help there!

Try something different.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


46 seconds!

... and as he handed me back the cellphone shaking his little head, I could see with a throbbing heart, that certain lessons in life make one age beyond years ....

God, despite being the All Mighty, does not forsake the mere mortals when they most need Him. And even then the mortals have a tendency to forget that there exists an All Loving God ... 

How good could a man fare?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


That free will was demonstrated in the placing of temptation before man with the command not to eat of the fruit of the tree which would give him a knowledge of good and evil, with the disturbing moral conflict to which that awareness would give rise.

Kenneth Scott Latourette