Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bring Me Meanings

It's been a while that I had a dream. Dreams are my means to reconnect with what is Real, True. 
Dreams bring me omens. They help me chalk out my course of action. They make me expect what I need to expect.
And in their absence I am blind folded. 

I haven't been writing since words have the power to bare your soul. What and how much can you reveal when you're blind folded and are entrapped in ether? 
You won't see, you won't hear, you won't feel. 

I need an omen. And I need to hear some sound, like the crackling of wood in a burning fire. 
This quiet has stretched far too long ... Six months!

I don't even know if its a dark night of soul... Because there were ways in which there was some connection. The current flowed, with interruptions. For example with darood-e taaj...

Yet. Kuch amiss hai. Kaafi kuch, actually.

Or maybe its just that I'm not accustomed to this fine tuned, inner calm? :) 

I think I'm growing deaf of the silence. 

I need a dream. I need an omen. 
God's world must still hold some meanings... 

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Grand Play Field

در فراخ عرصۂ آں پاک جاں
تنگ آید عرصۂ ہفت آسماں

 مولانا رومیؒ

In the heart of the pure is such extent
Heavens seven, are but pent 

Verse: Rumi
Inapt translation: mine

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Raising Toast To The Day!

The best love in the world, is the love of a man. The love of a man who came from your womb, the love of your son! I don't have a daughter, but maybe the love of a daughter is the best, too. I am first and foremost me, but right after that, I am a mother. The best thing that I can ever be, is me. But the best gift that I will ever have, is being a mother.

― C. JoyBell C.