Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life is Learning!

I have just discovered that each difficulty comes with an opportunity to learn. More often than not, we are just so focussed upon combating the problem that we let the opportunity slip through our fingers. Such opportunities, if grasped timely, can open many new avenues into undiscovered dimensions of our own selves.

At the end of the day they can truly be a reason for you to be a grateful individual for having encountered such a difficult patch in your life, that left your experiences and self more rich than before.
After all, what is life if not learning? :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

No song unsung, No wine untasted!

He stayed up. 

And he dreamt. 
Of all the things he wanted from life. Of all the pleasures he wanted to immerse himself in. 
He dreamt of how the Lady luck would arrive in all her glory and kiss him soft on his very lips; when the zenith would carpet under his steps as he would stride towards his destiny. And how that blazing sun,that some said centered their Solar system, would turn dusky when sought by his sparkling eyes. 
He slept naught, and he dreamt long.

He dreamt of her caressing touch, of some melodious whispering of sweet nothings. 

He dreamt of breathing through that scented cascade of flowing tresses, and of that sheer pleasure that made his heart beat in his chest.
With eyes open, his mind wandered into some unsung dimension of time, where his steps traced the route. 

So he traveled short and stopped at where he pleased. For it was he who was the Architect, the Guide, as well as the Explorer. 
Now, what only mattered was what he pleased, so he chose a line beyond the horizon to be his post. 
And he smiled at his triumph. A triumph that had so by now stopped even amusing him anymore. 
Victory had become a synonym of being alive. 
Alive, like he was!

His dream suddenly came to an abrupt end. 
Alive like he was did not permit any dreams. His eyes welled up and his heart suddenly filled with gratitude. 
He had lived his Life in those few moments of a sleepless dream!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lost in Plain Sight!

Just stumbled upon this web portal of Maisie Crow, a photojournalist.


The album is just unusual and awesome, and I fear to ruin its impression by describing it in words here, but the copyright thing wouldn't let me post the pictures otherwise. If I were to post, I wouldn't have posted the entire album, but a few pics, because the idea conveyed could be taken for a bit too blue, however, what remains the undeniable beauty of all these real life pictures is the true colour of resilience of human soul, the toughness that comes at work only when the times get too tough to be lived.
Please notice the handwritings in the manuscripts accompanying each image. Broken letters, shattered times, but a fighting human!

Life can be tough and brutal. Sometimes more than we can actually handle. But there are people, somewhere, at sometime, who bear that brutality and toughness with that true tenaciousness that only belong to a strong human soul!

Monday, August 10, 2009

a sweet scented drizzle...

a mellow song

of soft feel
like the sweet fragrance
of yester years,
that greets you
like the 9 am drizzle,
touching your face
with a delicate
brush of the gentle
bringing a curl
onto your lips
as it melts on them
while caressing