Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ecstasy of "Teray Hotay Janam Liya Hota"

If I sound ecstatic I am not to be blamed. Trust me!

I have been looking for this for more than a decade now. 

Probably the only thing ever I have searched for so longingly!!!

It was the Ramzan of 1999. One eve just before the iftaar hour, there was this usual television program of some celebrity telling about his/her perception and routine of Ramzan. That day the guest was Hasan Nisar, the journo.

Though I was just 17 at that time, I had strong biases. Hasan Nisar did not fit the bill on any matter, other than his oozing passion (albiet in completely opposite direction). He was (/IS) passionately pessimist about anything under the sun, and I found him too much of a bigot and self worshiper to be liked.

As the interview reached the end, he offered to share a naat (nasheed) that he had written, stating that he hoped that this one thing he held more dear than anything else could be his face saviour on the day of judgement.

I still remember the smirk that I couldn't help.

Talat Hussain's voice narrated the words as the visuals of the desert land appeared on screen.

When the voice trailed into dimness and the credits rolled, only then I realized the little puddle in my palms that lay there in my lap facing up....

That was when I fell in love with Nisar.

I dont agree to his views. I think he has a flawed perception of the political setup. I think he is absolutely unreasonable in his expectations of the people. But if you ask me.......... 

I love him.

If someone just says all that you did not think you could ever spell, believe me, he knows whats inside your heart. Thats exactly whats inside his heart!

He may never know, a nobody that is me. Yet I love him.

And I love him for having said this to my Love صلى الله عليه وسلم........

Terey hotey janam liya hota
Koi mujh sa na doosra hota

Saans letta Tu aur mein jee uth'ta
Kaash Makkah ki mein fiza hota

Hijraton mein paraoo hota mein
Aur Tu khuch dair ko rukaa hota

Terey hujray key Aass pass kaheen
Mein koi kacha rastaa hota

Beech Taaif bawaqt e sung-zani
Teray lab pe saji dua hota

kisi ghazwa mein zakhmi ho ker mein
Terey qadmon mein jaa gira hota

Kaash “Uhad” mein shareek ho sakta
Aur baqi na phir bacha hota

Teri kamli ka soot kiyun na howa
Terey shano'n pey jhooltaa hota

Chob hota mein teri chokhat kee
Ya terey hath ka asaa hota

Teri pakeeza zindagi ka mein
Koi gumnaam waqiaa hota

Lafz hota kissi mein ayat ka
Jo Terey hont sey adaa hota

Mein koi jungjoo arab hota
Aur Terey samney jhuka hota

Mein bhi hota Tera ghulam koi
Laakh kehta na mein rihaa hota

Sochta hoon mein tab janam leta
Jaaney phir kiya sey kiya hota

Chaand hota Terey zamaney ka
Phir Terey hukm sey battaa hota

Paani hota udaas chashmo'n ka
Terey qadmo'n pey beh giya hota

Poda hota mein jaltey sehra mein
Aur Terey haath sey laga hota

Teri sohbat mujhey milli hoti
Mein bhi tab kitna khush'numa hota

Mujh pey parti jo Teri chashm-e-karam
Admi kiya .... mein moujza hota

Tukra hota mein ik baadil ka
Aur Terey sath ghoom'ta hota

Aasman hota ahed-e-Nabvi ka
Tujh ko hairat sey dekh'ta hota

Khaak hota mein Teri galiyoon kee
Aur terey paoon choom'ta hota

PaiR hota khajoor ka mein koi
Jiss ka phal Tu ney khaa liya hota

Bacha hota ghareeb bewa ka
Sir Teri goad mein chupa hota

Rasta hota teray guzarnay ka
aur Tera rasta daikhta hota

Buutt hee hota mein khana-e-Kabba mein
Jo Terey haath sey fanaa hota

Mujh ko Khaaliq banata ghaar Hasan
Aur mera naam bhi Hiraa hota.

Many thanks to "Intoxicated" at for sharing the hand written text on the web.

ps: Just incase you might be wondering, one naat with the same title so lavishly present at web is a contribution of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri. 


Radiance - ideas and opinions on intuitive modern management said...

This was not the first time I listened to the words of this piece of marvel. The tehet ul lafz from Talat Hussain were the pearls collected from the deep ocean of affection towards our Prophet. I am still searching to confirm whether this has been written by Hassan Nisar. If you have clues for that please let me know.

Nice recitation. May Allah Bless You

IK - United Kingdom

leenah. said...

Jazak Allah :)

I have no evidence of that either. But if Nisar's word is to be trusted, he shared this in one of his columns; and also in a tv interview.

If I come across any confirmation, I'll share it here :) InshaAllah.

Radiance - ideas and opinions on intuitive modern management said...

Help me in searching the Talat Hussain recitation one. As I mentioned I heard it years back I was in hospital admitted for an illness and had it in my mobile recorded as voice from QTV. My believe half of my illness was taken away thinking and beautifying myself about AAP (SAW. Writing to you after 6 months to know whether any search helped you nothing did for me.

Green Dome Team said...

Such a beautiful poem, been searching for it for ages. Still remember Talat hussains voice and still respect him for this contribution. It sums up alot of the feelings a muslim should have towards the Holy Prophet s.a.w Thanks so much for the share.

Unknown said...

Right now i am in masjid-a-nabwi
Im feeling this kalaam..
I cnt describe my feelings
Hassan nisar sb. Allah pak pako boht izzat dy.
Or iska ajar ata kry

Talha noor

Think-Pk said...

Proof that it is written by Hassan Nisar

Green Dome Team said...

Please can you find the same rendition by Talat Hussein