Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The last few days had been a spin; A whirlwind of loud activity. Yet, it was in that chaos that she experienced a kind of joy hitherto unknown to her. It was calming. It was relaxing. It was just so liberating. 
She felt alive and complete like she hadn't quite often before.

Just when she was wondering at the skip in her gait and the twinkle in her eyes, she suddenly realized one thing. Like a sudden bolt of lightening, it struck strong!

She remembered that ultimate "settlement plan"..... of a residence far away. And as an absolute antithesis to her idea of old age - an idea, which for her had become the sole solace in that life - it aimed at being Alone. She was shocked: Again, you mean? she had wondered.
She struggled to find her place. And there was none. Nor in the present, neither in the future. And as for the past, some people just dont own it - like anything that no longer benefits.

Now, turning to the beats of the loud music, laughing her heart out, she couldn't help traversing the memory lane again in an attempt to figure out her joy. It finally dawned and she found it. Thumping with the beat, it was so loud and clear and oh-so-simple, she had to laugh at her naivety at not discovering it earlier!

Tell me, how could you miss anyone who never belonged to you?

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