Friday, February 25, 2011

Gonee Goes Official

Meet Gonee Muneer!

My son has wanted to have a son of his own for quite some while now. It has always been a dearly amusing experience to see him tell all the well-thought-of reasons he MUST, SHOULD, NECESSARILY have a son! :)

But tonight his lavish fatherhood knew no bounds!

Following is an excerpt of talk we had about his "son", lovingly called Gonee!

Angel: mama, Gonee baitay ka poora naam kia hai?
(What is son Gonee's full name?)

Me: How would I know? Baba tou ap ho uskay!
(You are the father, you tell)

My angel thought a little, and chirped happily: mama, Gonne Muneer kaisa naam hai?
(How does Gonee Muneer sound?)

Since mama, too, thought that it was an awesome name, its Gonee Muneer for all future references, secret/public correspondence.

Its another story how we cut out (fake) school ID cards for my son's son with a full name now. ;)

Disclaimer: Gonee Muneer does not have a facebook page, and any resemblance to any person living or dead, is purely coincidental! All rights reserved by father of Gonee Muneer! :p


Unknown said...

Hehe. Thsi is awesome. abhi sayyeh chalan hay sahab kay to aagay jaa kay kiya hoga. Mashallah. :P

leenah. said...