Thursday, December 29, 2011

Re-Evaluation Of Evaluation

A little while back on a social media platform, I shared a statement that had a minor syntax error with more to do with my carelessness than any lack of comprehension. The statement, otherwise, was meaty in its content and many people shared it verbatim with my name in credits. By chance I went over it again and realized the mistake in the statement; discovering how many people had shared it as it was, caused a bit of discomfort for me. I was not comfortable being associated with a flaw, that was not a characteristic otherwise.
Ever since, if I intend to quote someone verbatim (retweet- as some may prefer to term it), and there seems to have crept in some similar carelessness, I usually point it out to the person... lest the added readers, who might not already be aware of the person's stature, should not think any less of him/her.
I think of it as an expression of utmost respect for the person's credentials, rather than  an assertion of any expertise of mine... for I know where I stand. At the first rung of the ladder.

It might only be a cause that I dont get paid to evaluate, evaluation doesn't come very naturally to me, and doesn't go very easy with me either.

In other news, it was a pretty mediocre day by any standards, made more so, thanks to the learned evaluation.

Sigh.... Man! Am I not a grumbling machine :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

After All This Time…

We saw Beauty & The Beast today :)

"After all this timehe has finally learned to love." 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Musta'gharq Darya'ay Ishq

عشق که بازار بتان جای اوست
سلسله بر سلسله سودای اوست
گرمی بازار خراب است
آتش دل های کباب است عشق
گفت به مجنون صنمی در دمشق
کا ی شده مستغرق دریای عشق,
عشق چه و مرتبه عشق چیست؟
عا شق و معشوق در این پرده کیست؟
عاشق یک رنگ و حقیقت شناس
گفت که: ای محو امید و هراس
نیست به جز عشق در این پرده,کس
اول و آخر همه عشق است و بس