Monday, November 26, 2007

tide rises, tide falls!

we all go through different phases of life, learning, dissipating little things; some we know of, some just unknowingly. but what happens at the turn of the road? what is the catch as the tide falls?
at dusk, the sky is but just an empty vast canvas! an empty canvas with a background enriched with hues. does this lifeless canvas traced with every imaginable and unimaginable color, bear any resemblance to the morning's sunny bight vibrant sky?
where are those fluttering wings? those tiny little limbs flapping in the air. the refreshing little chirpy sounds that sound music to every ear.
so this happens when the life leaves the sky!
a little while after dusk and all what is left is a black slate!
so this happens when life leaves the sky!

it always is a blank slate,
when the tide falls.