Wednesday, December 17, 2014

House Of Tomorrow

December 16, 2014 is a day not to be forgotten. Not now. Not ever.

I shall not use this space to grieve. There's no point in grieving. There's no time for grieving.
How can you ever grieve enough for a tragedy such as this?

Here's what I want to say, share and bring on record.
Please be a witness to this in any way you can.

I've cast my vote in the electoral process of 2013. I want my vote to be used for the following to be implemented immediately. I urge you to speak for your vote as well. Realize your worth. Don't follow their line, make them follow yours. This is your right, as well as your duty! 

1. Hang terrorism convicts.
2. Nationalize madrassas
3. Revise academic syllabus
4. Make FATA a province
5. State control Jumma sermon.
6. Roll heads in Pakistan Army

Let this blood stained notebook help you be educated enough to find your course of action. Let yourself be honourable enough to stand for your fallen.

Build your house of tomorrow better than the one you live in today.