Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Age Ye Rooz

Its intoxicatingly spell binding. Leaves me: اسیر رؤیاها میشم

Unfortunately, my favourite version of it has embedding disabled at the youtube, however, here's the link of the MOST AWESOME track! 


For the sake of convenience, Im sharing here another version of the same song with slight variation in the orchestra.

If one day you leave me
out of the blue
and go away on a trip
leaving me alone once again
I'll tell the night to stay with me
I'll tell the wind to sing until dawn
a song from my beloved's land
why are you leaving me alone?

If you forget me
and leave my embrace
I'll become a sea bird
released in the grip of the waves
I'll hush my heart to silence
I'll urge the wind to sing until dawn
a song from my beloved's land
where I won't be left alone
If one day your name
rings in my ear again
If one day your name captures me again
I'll urge my heart not to fret
so I can soothe the pain
but the pain takes over my body
so I can sing for you again

If you desire me once again
as your lover
like in the old days
when we sat until dawn
your heart ought to gain colour
and a tune again
ought to get the colour of a land
where I won't be left alone again

If you want to stay with me
come back while we're still young
and still have skin coverin my bones
Don't leave my heart alone
Let colour into my darkness
and give my night a tune
give me the colour of that land
where I won't be left alone again  

To appreciate the essence: For complete phrase by phrase translation of this charming gem, please visit: http://sartre2.byu.edu/persian/songs/ageYeRuz.html 



sabri.maqbool said...

You're translations are wonderful!

Would you mind very much translating Aa Jan-e-Wafa by Maqbool Sabri.

God bless.

leenah. said...

That is immensely kind of you!

But I dont bear any claim to this wonderful translation. My sole contribution has been to share it over here.

I'll most definitely try to, inshaAllah! :)

sabri.maqbool said...

^ Thanks!

My skills are so weak that it took me literally an entire day to translate just one of Maqbool Sabri's songs (Aaina Tord Diya). I'd like to put translations in the comments of the videos, so other people can also enjoy the meaning of these ghazals.

I've been reading your blog for a while (this is my favorite post), and I appreciate all your efforts :)

Best wishes.

leenah. said...

Many thanks :)
You seem to be contributing to the lives of those for whom words matter a lot. Bravo.

I so hope that this place keeps you a nice company and we get to hear from you much more often. :)

Pleasure to have you on board.

sabri.maqbool said...

Glad to be here. I believe if we are lucky, we get the chance to carry the light forward a little. I'm just happy to do my small part.