Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today I choose to be, what I want to belong to

The horde of problems this nation hosts, is unarguably a LARGE one! Come to think of it, what concerns us more, the Obama policy in Iraq, or the implementation of two different constitutions (forget about the wa'dera jails and panchayyat laws) within one State that is ours. When I think, its a long list of issues that plague us. Without prioritizing these in order of their importance, I just pen them down as they come to mind. There is

1. illiteracy
2. corrupt leadership
3. poverty
4. insufficient basic health facilities
5. lack of infrastructure at every public platform
6. unclean drinking water
7. outrageous power shortages
8. bogus law enforcement
9. biased, ambiguous, and crooked educational system
10. non-existent security
11. sky rocketing inflation
12. an ever growing continuum of budget deficit
13. child labor
14. militancy
15. lack of basic moral traits, esp. tolerance
16. lack of the sense of national pride
17. a government which consists of Rajahs and Maharajahs
18. unscrupulous government machinery
19. a national tendency of hypocrisy and morose attitude. In other words, we form a crowd of whiners.

And out of all these fore mentioned problems, for me, the most devastating one is the one at the bottom, hypocrisy and morose attitude. If I were to change, it would have been these two character traits. At the least, quite a few of the issues mentioned earlier, are a by-product of these attitudes.

Ok, if I don't want to be a part of the whining mob, what can I do to change? What lies in my capacity?

During my FSc years, there was an all Pakistan declamation contest. Cliche' as it may sound, the only thing that comes to my mind of the speech back then is the concluding remark:

Stop focusing on things you CAN NOT change, CAN NOT do anything about. Concentrate, instead, on things you CAN change, CAN do something about. Right here in your own little corner.

For bringing in the Change, its me who has to change first. I can not clean the street if one can not differentiate between a litter bin and my room. If the model is good enough, the change would be infectious. There will be no need of any pointing fingers.

My resolution for today : Lets do, and not whine.

So, today I choose to be, what I want to belong to.

Happy reading :)