Friday, January 14, 2011

...Verily, God never fails to fulfill His promise!
Al Quran 13:31

[This is] God's promise. Never does God fail to fulfill His promise - but most people know [it] not:
Al Quran 30:6

And [so, O Muhammad,] they challenge thee to hasten the coming upon them of [God's] chastisement: but God never fails to fulfill His promise - and, behold, in thy Sustainer's sight a day is like a thousand years of your reckoning.
Al Quran 22:47

And they say, "The fire will most certainly not touch us for more than a limited number of days." Say [unto them]: "Have you received a promise from God - for God never breaks His promise - or do you attribute to God something which you cannot know?"

Al Quran 2:80

HENCE, do not think that God will fail to fulfill the promise which He gave to His apostles : verily, God is almighty, an avenger of evil!
Al Quran 14:47

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