Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kehta Hai Ik Ghulam ...

Do you know what happened just now? 
I was getting off my laptop for the night when I noticed a picture on my face book time line. The picture belonging to a volunteer who is working at a current project of mine for an NGO, had been posted only some 3 minutes back.
What is so special about that picture, you must be wondering!

The picture was of him sitting on the steps of the Masjid-e Nabvi (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam)

I shot him an absolutely abrupt and probably not the most appropriately constructed email, asking for a favor. He was kind to respond in matters of seconds.

I haven't been calm since. The thought of a real-time pseudo presence has been too much to swallow without crying.

I am frenzied. I am ecstatic. And I am swaying in S.H.M. between the two extremes... gahay khandum, gahay giryam!

.... Bus ik Nazar ka sawal hai!

ps: for all this latest technology, sud shukar alhamdolillah! 

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