Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mun Tu Shudam

Moth and Flame - one favorite theme at the Sufi school of thought! 
In a sufi story by Fariduddin Attar (adapted from the book, Essential Sufism), it says:

One night, very many moths gathered together; devoured by their desire, tormented by their longing to unite with the candle. They all said, 'we must find someone to give us news of that for which we long so earnestly.'

One of the moths volunteered and went to a castle and saw the light of a candle within. Upon returning, it reported the finest details of what he saw. But the wise moth coldly replied, 'It has no real information to give about the candle.' 
Another moth set out passionately. It visited the candle ... passed close to the light ... drew near to it and touched the flame with its wings. It came back jubilant and explained in detail of what little union it had had with the candle. The wise moth, however, still looked displeased.'Your explanation is really worth no more than your comrade's,' it said.

Then a third moth rose up and blinded by the mad desire, doused itself completely into the candle's burning flame. As it entered into the embrace of fire, its members glowed red like the flame itself. The wise moth saw from afar the spectacle of the union. The candle had identified the moth with itself, rendering it it's own glow! 
It turned to all the other moths, and said, 'The one that burnt, this moth, alone understands that to which it has attained. None other knows it, and this is all.'

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Obaid said...

WOW. Beautifully written. Depicts the true passion called LOVE.