Friday, August 17, 2012

50K Visits Old!

I'm rather confused if what follows is a letter of gratitude, or a dedication post. Or both.

This blog has mostly been a chronicle of a personal experience.  A soliloquy of sorts. However, your generous on-blog, off-blog feedback made this an energizing interactive learning experience for me. Thank you!  

Once in a moment of absolute gushing over my mum, I had promised to her that one day, when I'll be someone great, I'll write about her. She had looked at me and smiled.
It's almost a decade, since. I continue to be a no one. Greatness has been successfully evading me, and now I've almost come to terms with keeping happy without being 'someone'. :)

However, there are times in this humble existence, when the generosity of others gives me an illusion of myself morphing into 'someone' :). Today is one such time. I'm elated for the kindness you've exhibited in becoming a part of a personal journey. And I name this 'one small step for a blog; one giant leap for this blog' moment to my amman!

She got mentioned at this blog only once, partly because I'm afraid to never be at par to how she deserves to be talked about, and partly because my laptop screen begins malfunctioning whenever I attempt to write about her!

A Pack Of 18 Pencils is where you'll meet her at this blog. 

Thank you all for being as kind as you are!

May the life brimming in the samovar of your self, be the intoxication that unveils the Beloved.

Stay blessed, always. InshaAllah.

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