Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rigorous Matters Of Dilbari

Dilbari neest kay dildadah'e deedar tu neest 
Yuk Khudawund nadeedam kay paristar-e tu neest!

The mirth of love games is for the seeker of love; 
How could ye behold God, if ye believe in none!

Verse: Unconfirmed poet
Inapt translation: mine


Anonymous said...

i am following your blog for few days and enjoying every thing you post here. This persian verse is equally amazing but i think that translation is not justifying the meaning of original text. As i am not an expert in Persian i can only share my doubt rather a better translation (

leenah. said...

Welcome on board Mohsin, I'm grateful for your feed back ... makes me feel connected to those who share the same wavelength at some level! :)

Mostly, I do not do word by word translations, mainly because I myself being just a fond reader, am not good enough with Persian to make such an attempt :)

In this couplet, literal (nasri) translation could be:

dilbari nahi hai, (kion kay)deedar ki chah nahi hai
Aik Khuda tujhay kionkar dikhay, kay tu (Uska) paristaar nahi hai

Do let me know, please, if this makes any sense to you now?

eyeontheworld said...

Thank you Blogger, Now its easy to understand it. After expressing my doubt here i asked some Persians to translate this verse and their translation were more misleading than what you wrote and what i deciphered :)
This translation for second line was interesting (i have seen no single God that isn't fond of you) It justifies the grammatical status of NADEEDAM ))

A verse is more beautiful if every person can relate a new meaning to it. I'll conclude it by Goethe's saying "To understand a Mystic, one has to become a Mystic"
sharing the German text as well so you may also translate it in your own way
"Wer den dichter will verstehen

Muss in Dichters lande gehen"

Javed Iqbal said...

I am stung into numbness
By the air of the shrine
From inside is it still
The wine the sufi drank
Nine hundred years back
For which I can't think
In straight lines for inebriety
And mystique
It is as if I am whirling
In a tunnel of light
Independent of senses
No more tied to sensory touch
Sinuous tastes colors
Or delusional sight...