Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uber Random Randomness

  • The only one worth to keep you wait is the One, you are sure, would show up.
  • It is neither fair, nor a feat, to wear the badge of another's incompetence.
  • Man is weak; must not be judged, AND counted upon.
  • Life is simple. They keep telling.
  • Advertising serves not to identify needs, its for generating them.
  • Wahab Riaz is wo bhai jo garmi main kharab ho gaya hai!
  • Kakmal is no Joseph, yet watching his 4 I actually cut my finger!
Watching first Quarter final of cricket World Cup 2011 at Geo Super could cause:
  • The regular Geo Super guys have been fired to earn Hamid Mir some rozee roti post Raymond Davis.
  • I urge Rehman baba to plz pull sum gimmick outta his pocket. We want Mr. Mir busy with some more important stuff!
  • Revolutions and jubilations; I want the world to know I'm inquilaabi as can be; I want the world to know; I'm INQUILAABI as can be!

And just by the way,
Since the devil wears Prada, I prefer Nike!

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