Friday, April 13, 2012

Journey Of This Night

Following is reportedly Rumi's last sonnet.

رو سر بنه به بالین تنها مرا رها کن
ترک من خراب شبگرد مبتلا کن
ماییم و موج سودا، شب تا به روز تنها
خواهی بیا ببخشا ، خواهی برو جفا کن
از من گریز تا تو ، هم در بلا نیفتی
بگزین ره سلامت، ترک ره بلا کن
ماییم و آب دیده ، در کنج غم خزیده
بر آب دیده ما صد جای آسیا کن
خیره کشی است مارا ، دارد دلی چو خارا
بکشد ، کسش نگوید :" تدبیر خونبها کن"
بر شاه خوبرویان واجب وفا نباشد
ای زرد روی عاشق ، تو صبر کن، وفا کن
دردی است غیر مردن ، آن را دوا نباشد
پس من چگونه گویم کاین درد را دوا کن؟
در خواب ، دوش، پیری در کوی عشق دیدم
با دست اشارتم کرد که عزم سوی ما کن
گر اژدهاست بر ره ، عشق است چون زمرد
از برق این زمرد ، هین ، دفع اژدها کن

کلیّات شمس، ۲۰۳۹

Go, rest your head on a pillow, leave me alone;
leave me ruined, exhausted from the journey of this night,
writhing in a wave of passion till the dawn.
Either stay and be forgiving,
or, if you like, be cruel and leave.
Flee from me, away from trouble;
take the path of safety, far from this danger.
We have crept into this corner of grief,
turning the water wheel with a flow of tears.
While a tyrant with a heart of flint slays,
and no one says, "Prepare to pay the blood money."
Faith in the king comes easily in lovely times,
but be faithful now and endure, pale lover.
No cure exists for this pain but to die,
So why should I say, "Cure this pain"?
In a dream last night I saw
an ancient one in the garden of love,
beckoning with his hand, saying, "Come here."
On this path, Love is the emerald,
the beautiful green that wards off dragon's nough,
I am losing myself.
If you are a man of learning,
read something classic,
a history of the human struggle
and don't settle for mediocre verse.

-Rumi's Last Sonnet
Kolliyat-i-Shams, 2039


dan said...

no its not the last sonnet of Maulana R.A. but last one in Divan e shams, Maulana R.A. wrote full masnavi several years after this, thats my understanding.

leenah. said...

You are right, it's the last one in Kuliyaat-e Shams; my bad, I should've put it differently in the post introduction.
Thank you for pointing it out :)

PS: Welcome on blog :)