Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Realm of ecstasy

Usually I am not a lot into music, unless it just clings to me; I get immersed into the chords and beats, and more importantly, the lyrics. In such times, music becomes an antidote for every 'vitriol' in life.

Saaz aur awaz, taal mail, ilfaaz aur baazgasht, everything joins hand and intricately weaves around a world, so magical, so intense, that I lose myself like a beloved in her lover's arms...
The entire world with all its hustle bustle and useless noise is shunned to enter that realm of ecstasy and profound calm that seeps in like water under the roots of bougainvillea.

In such times, music does become what they call, a solace for soul, or probably soul itself. 

Here I am sharing with you, one of the MOST precious gem of my magical world, hope you shall enjoy it too.

Hairat mara ze har do jahan be niaz kard
Een khab kaare daulat e bedaar meekunad

Bewilderment has absolved me of both the worlds
This is the consequence of awakening from my dreams

Khuli jab ki chashm e dil e hazeen,
to vo nam raha na teri rahi
Hui hairat aisi kuch aankh par ki asar ki be asari rahi
Pari goshe jaan mein ajab nida ki jigar na bejigari rahi
Khabare tahhayyur e ishq sun na junoon raha na pari rahi
Na to tu raha na to main raha jo rahi bekhabari rahi...
(Khamsa by Nazeer Akbarabadi for Siraj Aurangabadi)

The eyes of an anguished heart open...
No longer moist.. Bereft of tears
The perplexed vision
Remained unmoved.. Devoid of response
The soul heard.. An unusual sound
That took the pluck of life away
As wondrous love revealed itself
The fairy vanished..The ecstasy lost
Nor you remained.. Nor I was found
mere oblivion was all there was...

Mujhe bekhudi ye tune bhali chashni chakhayi
Kisi aarzoo ki dil mein nahi ab rahi samayi

O surrender in love,
You have given me a taste that pales all worldliness
No desire remains
In the heart filled with submission

Na hazar hai na khatar hai, na raja hai ne dua hai
Na khayaal e bandagi hai na tamana e khudai

Neither distance nor fear...
neither hope nor prayer
neither thoughts of subjugation
nor desire of godliness

Na muqqam e guftagu hai na mahhall e justaju hai
Na wahan havaas pahunche na khirad ko hai rasai

No place for exchange of words...
no occasion for further quest
Where neither consciousness reaches
nor thoughts transcend its realm

Na makin hai ne makan hai na zameen hai ne zaman hai
Dil e be nava ne mere jahan chhavni hai chayi

No one resides..Neither habitation exist...
Is where this wandering heart has come to camp

Na visaal hai na hijraan na suroor hai na gham hai
Jise kahiye khwab e ghaflat so woh neend mujh ko aayi

Where there is no union... No separation
no sorrow... no joy
What is said to be an endless oblivion
I enter such a slumber

Hazrat Shah Niaz

Lyrics, source & translation:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g71tK0UcQY8&feature=player_embedded

Image Courtesy: Generationbass.com


Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely rendition by Abida indeed. I wonder where you found such a beautifully typeset version of the Siraj Aurangabadi ghazal.

Oh and a minor correction, the first line of the verse by Rumi is actually

"Hairat-e-maa raaz-e-har do jahan be neyaz kard"

So literally: "My bewilderment made me oblivious to the secrets of both the worlds",

or my bewilderment has absolved me from both the worlds.

leenah. said...

Thank you so much for the valueable feedback Marya.
As acredited in the post, I had resourced the lyrics as well as the translation from a Youtube Video. This however, puts things in right order, am indebted.

Welcome to the blog :)

dee said...