Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Beginning.

Another 31st of December. Its the end of a Year. The end of a Decade.
Its an End.


Another Beginning............

The heavens are gushing, been pouring generously to the starved earth.  The chill envelopes like the warm embrace of a lover. The calender draws to its last, and has no use left after today.
Today, that is going to be a yesterday, tomorrow.

 Irfan's Siddiqui's post that I am going to share in the following space is quite a dose of that sobriety that is such a characteristic of the 'bheega bheega sa december!' :)

For those unfamiliar with Urdu, the article could be best summarized by its one line: "December, Cold, and Rain make for a lethal triangle!"

Its a chilling evening with a steamy coffee, a burning fire, and some lovely music.
Its the last sunset of 2010.
And its the dark before the first sunrise of 2011 - the beginning of a new Year. The rise of a new Decade.

Its a Beginning.

A very Happy New Year :)

Thank you all for being there to be a part of the end and the Beginning.

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