Monday, December 27, 2010

No Metaphors Here...

It was a late December night when the chill was just beginning to set in a world where fall had been the year round season.
He sat in front of the fireplace and stared at the burning flame. The glow made his eyes hurt and he rubbed them every now and then as water filled due to the ache. 
No! Oh No! You got it all wrong! 
It was just the fire that was burning, it was only the embers that charred in the fireplace! 

So, he spent the entire evening silently in front of the fireplace oblivious of the Christmas cheers outside his place, but now as the night began to blossom like a youthful damsel, his silent surroundings began coming to life with the hushed sobs they secretly echoed.

He gazed at the crackling coals and the clustered flames brought with them a stark contrast to his vacant background.

He stared hard ......... and long .........

.... at the dull soft powdery ash, at the bright hard stoned embers....

 And as the night aged, he swung in between.

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