Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Behold as for those who call God's messages in question without having any evidence therefor - in their hearts is nothing but overweening self-conceit, which they will never be able to satisfy: seek thou, then, refuge with God - for, verily, He alone is all-hearing, all-seeing. 

Greater indeed than the creation of man is the creation of the heavens and the earth: yet most men do not understand [what this implies]. But [then], the blind and the seeing are not equal; and neither [can] they who have attained to faith and do good works and the doers of evil [be deemed equal]. How seldom do you keep this in mind!

Verily, the Last Hour is sure to come: of this there is no doubt; yet most men will not believe it. But your Sustainer says: "Call unto Me [and] I shall respond to you! Verily, they who are too proud to worship Me will enter Hell, abased!"

40:56-60 Al Quran 

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