Thursday, February 10, 2011


It hit a road sign and jumped uncontrollably over the pavement and then bouncing and tossing it rammed through the extended green belt.

30 feet away from the road it stopped only when it had crashed into and bounced back from that huge tree trunk in front of the Azam Garrison. 

The insurance guys were not ready to believe to have no causalities inside!

What matters the most ...... more than any other thing, Alhamdolillah, my little angel was unharmed.

PS: I saw the face of God today. 
PPS: I love my people. 
PPPS: alhamdolillah e Rabil Aalameen. 

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Delirium said...

The best part is that everyone escaped any serious injury.

Make sure, the next time you ride, it is not under any sort of an influence. Be it a vehicle or an insured horse.